Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Aamir Khan and Intolerant India!!

Jai Guru Deva,

Aamir Khan has created quite a stir with his insensitive remarks about intolerance.. Let a million Aamir Khans cry India is intolerant I'm not going to accept and I will retort in every way I can. Only couple of months ago few aged Christian women practically barged into my house, gave me pamphlets of Jesus Christ and they didnt stop there. One of the lady abused Hindu Gods while others played second fiddle to her. Their claim was by denouncing Hinduism I can become a happy person. This is very disturbing to me because I am God fearing person and practise my religion in my own customized manner :)) However, I didnt scold them and didnt kill them for sure because I was taught to respect their age if not their ideologies. This is India!! 

Coming to our esteemed Khan Saheb, Aamir Khan never talked about Kashmiri Pandits. But wait a minute!! no celebrity ever talked about them more so seculars.. many intellectuals refuse to recognize pandits as a race.. yeah, they are Hindus and worse Brahmins.. understandable isnt it? so I absolve Khan Saheb of this allegation.. 

After 26/11 Aamir Khan went on record saying both countries should maintain peaceful relations.. I feel this is perhaps worst statement of his than the current intolerance rant. I understand that Aamir Khan's spiritual Guru stays in Pakistan and he commands a big following there. However, 166 people were killed by assassins across the border and here is a celebrity who conveniently ignores this.. the word shame will hang itself if associated with our Khan Saheb. IMHO anyone talking of peace with Pakistan is insulting the 166 martyrs.. One should have a sense of responsibility when talking about deceased souls..

Then there is Akbar the great, not the Jalaluddin of Fatehpur Sikri but the Owaisi of Charminar.. This guy wants to cleanse India of Hindus and that too his muslim brothers can do it in 15mins. There are Hindus who said muslims are pakistani and there are muslims who abused Hindus but nobody expressed the view of Hindu cleansing. This statement made me shiver as this was exactly what happened to Pandits. Our Khan Saheb never uttered a single word against Owaisi guy.. Shouldnt this be a minimum benchmark if someone talks of intolerance today??  As far as my memory goes right the only celebrity who vocally denounced Owaisi's statements was Farhan Akthar. 

And you have Raza Academy incident when Muslim mobs went on rampage damaging properties, molesting female police and burning vehicles right in the middle of the Mumbai city. Not surprisingly our Khan Saheb didnt offer any statement.. I understand its done by Muslim mob who constitute a big chunk of his fan base yet it is only reasonable to expect a statement denouncing the violence.. After all, we are referring about "Satyameva Jayate" star!!

The only time I had seen our Khan Saheb active was when his co Khan was jailed for driving on a footpath and killing three people. He went to express solidarity as Salman Khan was about to be jailed. I really dont know whether they understand the message they are sending. To me, the writing on the wall is "Whatever he has done, he is my friend so I will support". Hopefully, we dont get to see a day when our Khan Saheb becomes the brand ambassador of Boko Haram, ISIS etc!!

Last but not the least, How can someone say this country is intolerant even after making Dhoom 3 a hit??

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,